A Mysterando scavenger hunt for kids makes organizing a special birthday event for your children quick and easy! Everything is prepared and ready for you—simply print out the pages, cut out a few items, and read the easy-to-follow instructions.

Great instructions—logical, easy to follow, and super practical!

The scavenger hunts follow a logical, easy to use template. The introduction page gives you “the idea” in a few clearly written lines, covering the story premise, what the kids can expect to do, the location, and what you as the supervising adult need to do.

The "How it works" page


The intro page is followed by a handy flowchart that guides you through each stage of the treasure hunt, from reading the story out loud to describing where the riddles are hidden, when to play the optional team games, and how to conclude the scavenger hunt. We found this information very helpful in structuring and planning our time!

Various treasure hunt pages.

But that’s not all! You’re also given a list of step-by-step instructions, a page of frequently asked questions, and a super useful organization sheet. Print out the organization sheet and use the clearly marked and annotated rows and columns to track the hiding place, read-aloud descriptions, and solution for each of the riddles. Just be sure to keep this page away from curious little eyes!

Finally, there’s a certificate on the last page. You can print out one for each child and write their name in the space provided. The certificate is a nice parting gift, a reminder of a fun-filled day!

Treasure hunt certificate.

The stories are fun and full of adventure!

We loved the stories! They’re well written, short, and fun—Mysterando sure knows their target audience. The scavenger hunt for kids on offer include:

  • A search across ocean and islands for a stolen pirate treasure.
  • Helping a farmer recover his escaped horses from an entertaining variety of hiding places.
  • A quest for various magical items to earn your place as a first-year student at the Wizard School (this one is a must for any Harry Potter fans out there).
  • A “who-dun-it” style jungle mystery to find which one of the animals stole the prized coconut from the annual celebration party.

Various scavenger hunt pages.

Each of the stories captures the imagination with a host of memorable characters and locations. There’s a real sense of adventure! The text is clear and fun to read, and each page also contains evocative cartoon-style images you can show the kids. If you’re anything like us, you’ll enjoy the stories just as much as the kids do!

The puzzles are adjusted for different age groups

Each of the treasure hunts comes in multiple versions, designed for specific age groups. The difficulty and duration of the puzzles are adjusted appropriately. You can pick up a treasure hunt for the following age groups:

  • 4-6 years
  • 7-8 years
  • 9-10 years
  • 11-12 years

Two kids playing the scavenger hunt.

The age group adjustments change the difficulty of the riddles themselves, but also the total time it should take to complete each scavenger hunt. Younger kids have shorter attention spans, so the hunts are shorter. The older kids can handle longer hunts (with more puzzles).

When actually playing the scavenger hunt, you might see the kids are loving it and want to extend the fun. Mysterando have thought of this and have you covered! The treasure hunts have optional team games between certain riddles. These worked really well!

The kids find a clue in the treasure hunt.

However, they’re optional and as suggested, it’s best to play it by ear. If the day is dragging, leave the games out. If the kids are having a ball, add them in!

In conclusion—we highly recommend the Mysterando scavenger hunts for kids!

With their clear instructions, simple “download and print” packages, and age-appropriate content, we can’t recommend Mysterando scavenger hunts highly enough.

Check out the Mysterando home page and see for yourself.

Mysterando treasure hunt sample pages.


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